House Calls

Sit! Stay! We’ll Come to You!

At VetCierge, we feel nearly everything you can do in an animal hospital’s exam room can be performed in your apartment or home. Our pets are truly family members. Dr. Lavine’s goal is to bring back the lost art of the family veterinarian, by providing thorough, comprehensive and compassionate care to your home when it is most convenient for you and your pet. Our premier veterinary services allow you to avoid the inconveniences of an office visit, including scheduling conflicts, transportation, waiting rooms, crowded and hurried hospital experiences, contagious animals and, mostly importantly, stress on your pet. In additional to the benefits of convenience and decreased stress on your pet, house calls are suited well for those with busy schedules, young children, multiple pets, nervous pets, that work from home, and if you or your pet has limited mobility.

In contrast to 15-30 minute in hospital appointments, the time allotted for a house call visit is typically 60 minutes. This time allows a more thorough appointment for your pet and provides you a greater opportunity to ask questions and discuss your pet’s health, while they relax comfortably in familiar surroundings.

High-quality VetCierge home veterinary services include full physical exams, wellness care, vaccinations, preventive medications, blood-work and laboratory services, microchipping, environmental and behavioral analysis, health certificates for travel and hospice care.

In home care for sick patients includes full physical exams, diagnostics, laboratory services, treatments such as medication and fluid administration, and dispensing of medications. Hospice care is also available, including quality of life evaluations, pain management and end-of-life care. If your pet is sick, Dr. Lavine will first discuss with you if your pet would be better treated at a veterinary hospital rather than a house call. Circumstances would include cases requiring immediate hospitalization, radiographs or surgery.

Additional convenient VetCierge services include home delivery of medications, monthly prescription refills, food and supplies.

We feel everyone and their pets can benefit from VetCierge’s house call s